Clique in the Workplace: How is it Important in your Business?

What is a clique in business?

A clique in an organizational context refers to a group of people in the workplace who interact to share common ideas and interests.

Example of a Clique in the Workplace

Being part of a clique is normal in organizations, and I have been part of a clique in my organization in the past. I was a member of an activist clique, always opposing unfairness and advocating for good working conditions at the workplace. Although we obeyed all rules and regulations and performed our duties as expected, we had a common purpose of achieving equality, justice, and fairness at work. According to Judge (2011), short term pressures produce the change needed for long term stability and achievement of organizational objectives. Thus, our desire to create a conducive work environment was intended to create production capability for the organization for the future.

Importance of a Clique in the Workplace

The objective was achieved because the managers implemented some of the changes we suggested were implemented. However, the process of achieving our goals was costly because some members of the organization viewed our efforts as incitements and resistance; but we wanted improvements for the sake of the organization. DeMarco and Lister (2013) suggests that clique has the positive effect of enhancing innovation though healthy competition at the workplace.

The managers of the organization finally provided a good platform for us to raise our issues, because our position gained significant support from most employees. As a result, the working conditions were improved slightly. For instance, the working hours for each employee was reduced to give us the opportunity to rest and become motivated to perform our duties. The situation indicated that a good clique can influence positive change in the workplace

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