Change the Pokot Mind and Soul to End Banditry, Hon. Joseph Makilap Proposes

Baringo North Member of Parliament Hon Joseph Makilap has proposed to the government revolutionary methods to permanently end banditry in Baringo and the Northern Kenya Counties.

Story Courtesy: Baringo News

Joseph Makilap

Speaking today in a morning TV show, the first term legislator wants a radical transformation of the mindset of the members of the Pokot community to detract the future generation from embracing theft and killing as a way of life.

To achieve this, Hon Makilap opines that a compulsory schooling program be introduced to the entire Tiaty Constituency.

“The problem is in the mind; the majority of Pokot children grow up knowing they must kill to earn a living.” Makilap said.

“We can end this by introducing compulsory schooling for all children in the Titay Constituency, after 8 years in school this child will have a different perspective on life.” He added.

He decried the fact that there are very few schools in Tiaty which with archaic culture, it has subjected children to jungle life.

“You cannot have kids whose introduction to life is guns and fire we must change this,” he said.

He added that recruitment of enough Police Reservist in the volatile borders will help bring order as they are conversant with the terrain.

The MP faulted leaders who use banditry as a campaign tool.

“If you can convince them (bandits) to vote for you then you must be sent back to convince them to stop killing people.” he said.

While expressing hopes on President William Ruto administration to end the vice, the MP called on Pokot leaders to assist the government by implementing development projects that touches on the lives of the people.

“The good thing is that President Ruto carries the hopes and aspirations of the suffering people living in the North Rift.To us,he is a saviour,” he said.

The MP is mourning the killing of John Kisoi, 32, a GSU officer killed with while in the company of 8 of his colleagues murdered by the bandits in Turkana East.

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