Barriers to Marketing Planning in Virgin Atlantic

In an attempt to introduce a vibrant marketing plan, virgin Atlantic is faced with various impediments. These barriers include culture and behavioural problems. It is essential that these barriers are analyzed effectively so as to understand the impending limitations created by it. Cultural barriers arise due to the company’s globalization move. Since the company is a multinational, it is able to interact with various cultural settings globally (Kotler, 2011). Negotiations and business dealings are always affected with the differences in the cultural orientations of the company’s business partners. The travelers’ services by the company may also be speaking a different language from that of the company’s attendants. In this case, it becomes to respond to the customer needs. The traditions of some communities may also differ from the traditions of others and this may impact on the interaction of travelers in their journey. This may cause conflict in the journey

The company should set suitable strategies of marketing planning and how to deal with problems associated with it. The company should also apply appropriate style and culture about marketing in order to overcome cultural barriers. This style and culture should be applicable to the international market. In order to overcome the barrier of limited human resources, the company should attempt to develop the skills and knowledge of its existing staff as well as offering training and development programmes to its employees.


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