Appropriateness of Using Hard Systems Model for Change

What is a Hard Systems Model?

Before discussing whether Hard Systems Model is appropriate for change in companies or not, it is appropriate to first understand the meaning of hard systems. Hard systems refer to a thorough and systematic way of establishing an organization’s objectives or goals for change, followed by the derivation of options for action, and finally testing those options against a set of pre-set mechanism (Senior & Fleming, 2006). It is also a means by which qualitative mechanisms are used to analyze various alternatives for change within an organization.

Importance of Using Hard Systems in an Organization

Equipped with the knowledge of the meaning of hard systems, we can now proceed to determine its appropriateness or inappropriateness.  Senior & Fleming (2006) suggest that hard systems use clear goals and objectives. Therefore, this system is appropriate in that it works towards the achievement of goals and objectives. Every organization often pursues operations which may lead it to achieve its objectives. In this regard, hard systems model is appropriate for organizations to use in its management of operations.

Decision Making

Hard system also uses quantifiable data in the process of evaluating options for course of action within organizations. Quantifiable data serve as sufficient, effective and efficient evidence for organizations to make decisions regarding to the choices made by the management. As a result, the organizations end up settling for the best alternatives from the set of options considered by the management in its evaluation process. Such options often lead to prominent operations and activities that are essential means of achieving the organizational goals and objectives. For this reason, Hard System Model is appropriate for organization to use.


The control mechanisms used in hard systems are also clear; power and authority are also clear and are identifiable to work (Senior & Fleming, 2006). In this sense, the role of managers to control and direct operations within the organization is made easier through hard systems. Therefore, Hard System Model is appropriate for use by organizations’ managers in carrying out their managerial roles within the organization and in their interaction with the society.


Hard system also fosters unity within the organization because it is characterized by unitary organizational system whereby various departments within the organization link to each other(Senior & Fleming, 2006). This creates a situation of unity which enables each department to function effectively towards the achievement of organizational objective. Therefore, every organization seeking to achieve its objectives finds it appropriate to use this kind of system model.

Solving Problems

Finally, this model is aimed at solving problems, which is every organizations function in its quest to achieve its objectives. Hard systems are used to evaluate options so as to find the best means through which organizations’ problems can be solved. This is appropriate for organizations to overcome the problems it faces.

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