Anne Waiguru launches Wezesha Kirinyaga poultry project worth KSH 1 million

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru has launched a poultry project that is expected to provide eggs worth over KSH 1 million monthly.

Over 32 community groups will benefit from the project that has been implemented through Wezesha Kirinyaga economic stimulus programme. The stimulus project was initiated by the county government of Kirinyaga under the stewardship of Waiguru to support farmers and promote agricultural productivity in the county.

Kenya has experienced an underproduction of eggs for quite some time, a problem that has necessitated the importation of the commodity from neighboring countries such as Uganda and Tanzania. The deficit in egg production has been exacerbated by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to seal all loopholes for illegal importation of eggs into the country.

Waiguru’s Wezesha Kirinyaga economic stimulus project provided about 40,000 chicks to the farmers’ groups in March. Since then, the farmers have done a marvelous job of producing over 100,000 eggs to serve the county and beyond.

The eggs are collected at a cool storage facility at Kiaga, where it is packaged and branded before being delivered to the nearby markets, including Nairobi. The storage facility can handle over 3,500 eggs at full capacity. Local egg distributors have already shown interest in the eggs, and there is still a huge untapped market for the product.

This stimulus programme will continue benefiting the community further as the chicken grow to optimum laying capacity later this year.

Speaking during the launching ceremony, Anne Waiguru reiterated the unmatched value of the Wezesha Kirinyaga economic stimulus programme.

“Wezesha poultry project is aimed at improving livelihoods of Kirinyaga people mainly through women and youth and also offers alternative income source thereby reducing overreliance on the conventional cash crop farming.” Waiguru said during the luncheon. She was speaking at the animal production of Kirinyaga Agricultural Training Center (KATC) at Kiaga.

Governor Anne Waiguru continued to add that the poultry project will help farmers to cater for their needs and those of their families. The advantage of poultry farming is that it does not take much time, giving the farmer extra time to do other economic activities.

The farmers run the operations of the project alternatingly. Nevertheless, county officials from the veterinary and livestock extension departments provide technical support from time to time.

Wezesha Kirinyaga programme also supports other agricultural activities such as tomato, dairy and avocado production. The county government, through the economic stimulus project, offers support to tomato farmers through healthy seed production and pest management.

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