Amason Kingi Biography: Age, Early Life, Education, Career and Family

Amason Jeffah Kingi

Amason Jeffah Kingi is a Kenyan politician from Magarini, Kilifi County. He is the current Speaker of the Senate and is a founder and member of the Pamoja African Alliance (PAA). He is also a member of the Kenya Kwanza coalition, a political alliance that helped President William Ruto to win the 2022 general elections in Kenya. Prior to becoming the senate speaker, he was the governor of Kilifi County for two terms and former Member of Parliament for Magarini Constitutency through the ODM Party in 2007.


Kingi was born in 1970 in Kamale Village, Magarini, Kilifi County. Therefore, his age is 53 years in 2023.

Early Life & Education

Amason Kingi was born and raised in Magarini, Kilifi County. Life was difficult when he was growing up in Kamale village around 50 years ago. He lived in a bushy village that was characterized by insecurity, poverty and limited education. Kamale village is located 53 kilometres away from Malindi town along the Malindi-Garsen highway.

Jeffah Kingi attended Kamale Primary School before shifting to Kambi ya Waya Primary School due to insecurity problems posed by shifta bandits. When bandits attacked Kamale village regularly, Kingi’s father sent him to Kambi ya Waya to live with relatives and attend school there. He later attended Alliance Boys’ High School in 1989. He later joined the University of Nairobi where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. Kingi also graduated from the Kenya School of Law in 1998.


Kingi’s father is Mwaruwa Mukweha, aged 83 as of 2023; while is mother is Bahati Nzovu. Amason Kingi was born to a polygamous family of 1 husband, 5 wives, and 41 children. He is the 7th born child of Mwaruwa’s first wife, Bahati Nzovu. His father reckons that he was an obedient and hardworking child when he was young. Kingi used to help his father fetch water, which they would then sell to make money for the family’s upkeep.


Amason Kingi has had a hugely successful political career starting in 2007. Before venturing into politics, he shortly practiced law in Mombasa. He successfully vied for the parliamentary seat of Magarini Constituency in 2007 under the ODM Party ticket.

In the grand coalition government formed by President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Amason Jeffah Kingi was appointed minister for East African Community and later Fisheries. And with advent of devolution, he became the first governor of Kilifi County.

He served his two terms as governor under ODM before forming his political party, Pamoja African Alliance (PAA), which he used to bargain with the Kenya Kwanza coalition, led by UDA leader William Ruto, in the run-up to the August 9 General Election.

Kingi was recently elected speaker of the Senate after scooping all the 46 votes cast by senators allied to Kenya Kwanza and Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalitions.

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