Academic Essay Writing Tricks

What is Academic Essay Writing?

If you are a student, or have ever been a student, you understand what it means to write an essay. It is one of the most demanding aspects of education.

So, what is essay writing? It is a process that involves constructing sentencing and paragraphs with key ideas aimed at persuading, informing or, entertaining an audience. A good essay requires a good command of the English language, or whichever language you are using to write your essay.

Essay writing can be done for educational, research, social, and political purposes.

Students write academic essays on a regular basis to meet their learning outcomes. There are certain key issues that the instructor or professor expects from you as an essay writer.

Good Grammar = Good Essay

First, you need to write your essay using an outstanding command of English grammar. But what happens if English is not your first language?

You do not need to be a Native speaker of the English language to write a sparkling academic essay. There are lots of ways you can English, and finally write your own essay. For example, you may use this Essay Writing Service or any other academic essay writing company that will offer you the best guide.

Such custom essay writing companies play a key role in sharpening your skills, not only in English grammar, but also in the entire art and science of essay writing. However, you can still use Google Search to find some basic grammar rules that will help you improve your essay writing ability.

If that is not enough, you can order for a customized essay from essay writing companies. Why should you use such customized essays? They are usually 100% original, no plagiarism whatsoever. Furthermore, you can improve on the custom essay by adding your own ideas to meet your needs.

Good Essay Structure

Apart from grammar, another important aspect of an effective essay writing is how you organize your ideas.


A good essay starts with an introduction which is intended to introduce the reader to topic of your essay. Academic essays usually target the audience of a teacher or instructor. So, the first few lines of your essay must be captivating yet professional. The reader should clearly see what you are intending to write about. They should also develop an interest in your essay, right from the introduction.

The last part of the introduction usually states your thesis – a statement of your key argument in the essay. You may also highlight the structure of your essay. Specify how you intend to write your academic essay, your source of information, and methods used in the essay writing.

Body Paragraphs

In the body of an academic essay, each paragraph, as mentioned elsewhere in this website, should have one central idea. Every paragraph should have a central idea that is well explained and defended with evidence and relevant examples. The last line of a paragraph in your essay should conclude the paragraph and give a good transition to the next point.

Each point in the body of the essay should support the main thesis of your essay. Academic essay writing also requires sufficient research and evidence to support your ideas. However, other instructors may be more interested in how you defend your position. Thus, you need to be articulate and persuasive in your essay writing paragraph by paragraph.


In the final section, the conclusion, your first task in academic essay writing is to restate your thesis. You will then summarize the key points of your essay and close with a thought-provoking statement or recommendation.

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  1. A good essay is clear, concise and well-organized. It shows that the writer has thought carefully about the topic and is able to express his or her ideas effectively. The most important part of writing an essay is not what you write, but how you write it.

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