Approach to collection, formatting and dissemination of information within human resource department

The information regarding the information of personnel in the human resource department can be collected, formatted and disseminated based on the set structure in the human resource department on the organization. This information is collected by the recruiting human resource office during the process of outsourcing the employees. However, the collection of information is distributed among the various sections of the department depending on the nature of information that is required. For instance, information regarding personnel’s professional qualifications is collected by the recruiting human resource managers who are responsible for outsourcing the employees for the organization.

The collection of data and information in the department is systematic and practical. This ensures that the correct information is obtained. The flow of employee’s information in the HR department can be shown in the diagram below. The arrow on the right side of the triangle indicates flow of information while the two arrows on the left indicate collection of information data.

The corporate human resource section in Disney Land organization is entitled to collect information regarding characters, personalities, potentials as well as abilities of the employees. Such information includes the employee’s leadership potentials, team spirits, responsibilities, efficiency, among other aspects that are found in individual employee. This section collects information regarding employees’ rewards, promotions, transfers, incentives, among other activities and aspects, which revolve around the performance of the employees (Back, 2007).

Embedded human resource section is vested with the responsibility to collect information regarding the employee’s performance in partnering the organization with other business entities. It collects information regarding how the staff is relating with customers, clients and the entire public. This is crucial because it determines the organization’s public image.

Centre of expertise on the other hand works to collect information about performance, expertise and the entire work. This section does a duty almost similar to that of the corporate section. It sources information regarding competencies of personnel in the organization.

Operational executors section of the human resource department collects information concerning consultancy, project management, interpretation, as well as implementation of policies in the organization. It collects information on how consultancy regarding the organization’s product is conducted. It also finds the data about the implementation of the organization’s projects as well as policies.

Collection of data and information in the human resource department of the organization is done systematically in the various sections by the respective divisions. Each of the division is entitled to collecting information about its field of operation. This ensures that expansive data is obtained as each division will do expansive gathering of information regarding its sector.

The formatting of information is also done by the respective sections. They do this by analyzing the data obtained. However, different sections conduct joined analysis and formatting of the information, which would have collected at any point. This is to ensure that information in the organization tally in order to enable the organization make the right decisions.

The information which has been collected and formatted is filed and stored safely by the same section which did the collection. However, there is established a central storage point in the corporate human resource section of the department. The availability of the information in this section is crucial for the section’s decision making processes.

Each of the sections in the human resource department disseminates the analyzed information and provides it for the general consumption by the entire organization.  The sections do this through established channels within the sections. Each of the sections has a system of disseminating information to the entire organization as well as the public (IFIP World Computer Congress, 2009).

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