7 Limitations of Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership has been named as one of the best forms of leadership due to its concern for change and involvement of employees in the change process of an organization. However, this leadership approach has its own disadvantages. Here are top seven limitations of transformational leadership.

1) Lack of Details

One of the limitations of transformational leadership is that it lacks detail. In this case, the transformational leader focuses on the big picture and direction of the company, and neglects the company policies, corporate structure and daily operations of the organization.

2) Disguising Reality

Secondly, a transformational leader disguises reality because he or she inspires followers to take more responsibility, work hard and improve themselves. In this process, a transformational leader may overlook reality. For example, an employee may lack the necessary skills to perform a job, but the transformational leader may praise him or her in order to achieve the required results.

3) Too Much Reliance on the Leader’s Personality

Transformational leadership also depends more on the values and personality of the leader. Therefore, if the leader fails in character the organization will suffer.

4) Increases Risks

Due to its focus on change, transformational leadership may increase risks in an organization. Transformational leaders tend to be ambitious and visionary, but they might sometimes become overly ambitious and take risks that may put the organization in a dangerous position.

5) Adds Pressure on Employees

As transformational leaders pursue change and communicate the need for transformation, they always pile pressure on employees. This may sometimes cause burnout and can become counterproductive in the long run.

6) Time Consuming

Transformational leaders take time to identify the need for change, carry out the change process, and involve people in the organization. Change takes process, and it is even time consuming if employees have to be persuaded on influenced to follow the vision of the leader.

7) Loss of Influence

The leader may sometimes lose influence if the project they are proposing is not popular. In transformational leadership, the entire organization should always be ready for change; but employees who enjoy the status quo could oppose the proposed changes, which makes the transformational leader to lose control.

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