5 Reasons Why You Should Set Massive Goals

Great Goals

It does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur, business manager, government official, parent, student, or teacher. Whether you are in a professional phase of your life or still schooling; an adult or a teenager; a stay-home mum or a working father. In whatever you do, you always have a dream to become something, or reach somewhere. You anticipate a better future than where you are currently. If you do not have a plan or ambition to make your life, your career or your business better in the future, then you will not realize your full potential. And if you have a wish to become a better person, you must be able to set massive goals and stick to a plan that will help you realize those goals.

In this article, we name and explain five key reasons why you need to set massive goals in your life. Erick Partaker, CEO Coach and former consultant at McKinsey, has highlighted five reasons why you should set great goals. We trust Partaker and take his advice seriously, owing to his longstanding experience in advising CEOs and entrepreneurs across the world. The five reasons for you to set goals are:

1) It encourages you to dream big

The first reason for you to set smart goals is that it helps you to dream big. Dreaming big is another way of having a vision. For you to get somewhere better, you must dream about it first. A vision is a clear picture of an unseen future, which is desirable and achievable. For example, dreaming about owning a house can be a realistic dream for you, but dreaming big can beyond that. You may dream of being the next CEO of your favorite company, or completing a master’s degree in your course of choice. To dream big, you must have such goals which you can realistically achieve.

2) It forces you to take massive action

Goals also encourage you to take specific actions towards your dream. They give you a clear direction of what you need to do to reach your destination. For example, if you have a smart goal of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, you will be forced to take massive actions towards the goal, including applying for a scholarship or saving money to finance your education.

3) It makes you hyper-aware of your time

Another important reason why you should set massive goals is that it enables you to manage your time more effectively. If you have a SMART goal, then that goal is most certainly time-bound. For example, you could say that I want my business to expand to ten branches in the next five years. Such a time-bound goal will allow you to plan your activities more effectively to meet deadlines and achieve your goals within the required time.

4) It forces you to commit before you’re ready

Commitment is necessary for you to achieve your dreams. The path to success is not easy in whichever aspect of your life. You need to commit resources, effort and time in order to actualize your goals. Having massive goals drives you to start the path to success even before you become ready. Since you have a great goal to pursue, you will have intrinsic motivation to work harder and commit yourself to the course.

5) It prompts you to get real and develop yourself further

Sometimes you may not really be sure about what you want until you have a clear goal to achieve. In this sense, one of the reasons why you need to set massive goals is to prepare you for what is to come in your career, social life, or education. It helps you to become more realistic with your approach and develop yourself further.

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