The 10 Commandments of Marketing

Anyone who has read about God’s Creation knows what it means to be created in God’s image and likeliness. Excuse me if you are not a Christian.

Human beings are not only God’s creation, but also His Co-creators. Everything that exists in the skies, on land and under the sea portrays God’s design, power and goodness; but only human beings have God’s image and creation power.

Marketers should therefore display God’s design and creation power in their marketing activities. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments to guide the Children of Israel in their journey to and stay in the Promised Land. The rules have so far become the cornerstone of Christian living.

As co-creators of the universe, organizational leaders and marketers have a duty and responsibility to enforce the 10 commandments of market. These commandments must not be aimed at profit only. They should support a sustainable society for the current and future generations. Here is the list of the Ten Commandments of Marketing:

  1. Treat your customers with love and your competitors with respect.
  2. Be ready for transformation and change.
  3. Make your values clear and support them.
  4. Focus on the segment that can give you the greatest benefits.
  5. Price fairly to convey your quality.
  6. Help potential customers to connect with your company and its products.
  7. Look upon your customers as customers for life.
  8. View each business as a service. Because each product is tied to a service.
  9. Improve your business process every day.
  10. Consider various aspects and information—not just finance related—before making a decision.

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